Let's take a walk down this old farm road

our tale

We live in a hectic world spinning on fast-forward time. We blink and a week, month, year has passed. Our children grow up overnight, and we can’t remember the last time we indulged in the luxury of reading a book all day, or going for a walk in nature and spotting a kingfisher. Scout & Sunday is about the simple moments of joy, taking a breath, and embracing the slow feeling of a lazy Sunday morning with an entire day stretched ahead of you. Our curated online store celebrates the beauty of unique, crafted goods. It honours the artisan, supports the handmade, and pays attention to the changing seasons of the world around us. We do real, we do messy, we do beautiful, we do magic, we do it all!

what we do

Scout & Sunday is a curated online lifestyle store retailing products across most lifestyle categories. Our range includes farm fresh produce, homeware, attire, furry friends as well as kids wear, self care, stationery and more. 

Our business is born out of a passion for creating an experience that not only sparks joy but celebrates the
every day. The concept is to bring together a whole array of beautiful items into one platform that is aesthetically pleasing simple, and convenient. This is a dream which will grow and morph with the founder, Carien, the customer, and the changing world around us.

Convenience, quality, and elegance is key and are the values we stand for. The aim is to be a one stop shop with one delivery fee making a wide array of high end, selectively curated products available to our customers at the click of a button. Offering express delivery options as well as custom made offerings.
Our collection

"Simple pleasures like sunlight that filters through
trees, a love song sung at dawn, the smell on a dirt road after it rains, sunshine in winter, a childhood memory"

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