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We live in a hectic world spinning on fast-forward time. We blink and a week, month, year has passed. Our lives can change overnight, and we can’t remember the last time we indulged in the luxury of reading a book all day or going for a walk in nature and spotting a kingfisher. Scout & Sunday is about the simple moments of joy, taking a breath, and embracing the slow feeling of a lazy Sunday morning with an entire day stretched ahead of you.

Scout & Sunday is about finding a balance. Balance between the perfect and the imperfect; between locally made and unique individual offerings; between organic luxury and those have-to basics; between plastic-free and finding time; between modern humanness and a quiet moment for indulgence.

We are conscious about the messy, the pressures, the ah-ha moments, the sparks of joy and about finding a contented heart for you and your crew in this fast-paced world. We do real.

what we do

At Scout & Sunday, we are dedicated to providing high-end interior decor and home fashion that reflects our core values. We believe in conscious curation, meticulously selecting each product to ensure its quality, uniqueness, and sustainability. Our commitment to locally sourced materials and artisans supports our community and reduces our environmental footprint. By embracing small-batch production, we prioritise craftsmanship and attention to detail. We celebrate the art of slow living, valuing timeless designs that withstand trends and inspire a sense of tranquility in every home. With Scout & Sunday, you can experience the beauty of purposeful, thoughtfully crafted pieces that enhance your living space while making a positive impact on the world.

Consciously Curated

Our target market focuses on those discerning and conscious of themselves and the world around them. They place high value on self-care and wellness, and are selective about what they put into and on their body. They do however still enjoy good food and indulgences as life is too short not to – they love to entertain and cook for others.

The exclusivity and variety we offer are why they shop our products. They prefer to shop local and find joy in discovering the organic, small batch alternative to mass produced synthetic goods. They would rather spend money on one timeless, quality piece made by a local artisan than purchase a low quality, on-trend, mass-produced item at a lower price point. Each item at home and in their wardrobe is a carefully chosen item, and their home is styled with meaningful decor and other items. As the world around them is getting busier and more complicated, they appreciate the moments where they can slow down and spend time with loved ones.
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"Simple pleasures like sunlight that filters through trees, a love song sung at dawn, the smell on a dirt road after it rains, sunshine in winter, a childhood memory"

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