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We live in a hectic world spinning on fast-forward time. We blink and a week, month, year has passed. Our children grow up overnight, and we can’t remember the last time we indulged in the luxury of reading a book all day, or going for a walk in nature and spotting a kingfisher. Scout & Sunday is about the  simple moments of joy, taking a breath, and embracing the slow feeling of a lazy Sunday morning with an entire day stretched ahead of you. 

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consciously curated

Our products are consciously selected for the discerning woman - conscious of themselves and the world around them. She places high value on health and self-care, she is selective about what she puts into and on her body. We honour the artisan and support the handmade. We appreciate small batch alternatives which are slow-made and worth the wait. 

Scout & Sunday is about finding a balance. Balance between the perfect and the imperfect; between locally made and unique global offerings; between organic luxury and those have-to basics; between plastic free and finding time; between modern womanhood and a quiet moment for indulgence. 

We are conscious about the messy, the pressures, the ah-ha moments, the spark- joy and about finding a contented heart for you and your crew in this fast-paced world. We do real.
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